Visiting Arizona? Beat the Heat! Car Tips to Stay Cool

The heat can be quite a shock for those visiting Arizona—especially during a heat wave. Those of us from the valley have learned some simple tricks to keeping yourself cool during those classic summer drives. Here’s everything you need to know—from the basics to the more advanced tips.

The Basics

While it may be common sense to park your vehicle in the shade and invest in a sunshade, you would be surprised at how many people fail to make this a habit. It is extremely important to do this bare minimum activity every time you park in order to ensure that you’re cooler when you step into your car.

Going a few steps further: make sure you roll down your windows (about two to three inches), lay blankets or towels on the seats, and invest in a dash cover. The lowered windows will ventilate the car, the blankets will absorb some of the heat so the seats won’t burn your backside, and a dash cover will help absorb a portion of the heat when you start driving.

Oh You Fancy, Huh?

Now, here are a few more ideas if you’d like to go the extra mile.

Do yourself a favor: invest in temporary sticker window tint and a 12-volt fan you can clip to your visor. The sticker window tint is a good alternative to paying for an expensive tint (especially if you’re just visiting) and you are able to cover as much area of your windows as you want. As for the 12-volt fan, it usually runs off the car’s battery power and can help move air around if you’re parking for a short period of time.

The last tip is the best one: an ice chest with frozen water bottles, wet washcloths, and a cooling towel (such as Enduracool). The frozen water bottles can be used to cool your neck and back while driving while providing a refreshing drink when they melt.

As for the washcloths: use the washcloths to wipe down the steering wheel (if no cover), the seat belt handles, and the gear selector. These items have been known to give people burns on hot days so wiping them down with water will help cool them off. When finished, hold the wet washcloths close to the middle A/C vents to make the air even colder.

A cooling towel just needs to be wet and snapped in order to be another 30 degrees cooler. Use this in addition to the frozen water bottles to help keep cool while driving.

You are now ready to take on the Arizona heat! Even practicing just a few of these tips will help you stay cooler during our summers.