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Aurora, Colorado began in 1907 as a small town close to Denver. Now, it is the third most populous city in Colorado thanks to a boost in the 1970s-1980s. Aurora has plenty of things to do, both normal and quirky. Read more below to find out what we at Mr. Glassworks like about this great city!

Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is a tranquil park built around an 880-surface acre reservoir. The park is a mix of prairie fields, greenery, and hills. There are many set trails and off-shoots that are perfect for long walks and exploring. There is also horseback riding, model airplane flying, kites, picnicking, and biking trails. Park hours are 5am-10pm every day.

Southlands Shopping Center

An outdoor lifestyle center complete with restaurants, retail shops, a movie theater, small performances, and art. The buildings are modern with a historic influence giving the center a charm all its own. The area spans about four blocks long with a generous amount of parking spaces surrounding it.

SUP Yoga

Now, here is a real challenge! SUP Yoga offers classes on the Cherry Creek Reservoir. Participants perform yoga atop paddleboards in order to increase their balance and stamina. The price includes board rental, a session on stroke technique, and the 45-minute yoga class. Overall, your experience will be about 1.5 hours long.

Chimera Ranch

Take the family to Aurora’s local alpaca farm! Chimera Ranch is all about alpacas—they aim to advance the alpaca livestock industry through their apparel company. Feel free to visit the farm and learn all that you can about the Alpacas. These furry animals are waiting for you!

Aurora is a vibrant city with interesting people and activities. Make sure to call Mr. Glassworks for any windshield repairs as you head off to explore. Our professional and friendly service will have you back on the road in no time!

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