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Lakewood began as a small town with no government in 1869. It has since grown to a thriving city with plenty of interesting activities. Read more about what we learned while providing windshield repair services in Lakewood, Colorado.

Bear Creek Lake Park

This location is a 2,600-acre park with plenty for the whole family to do. There are hiking and biking trails, horseback riding passageways, an area for archery, water sports, and many other family fun activities. Feel free to plan a week-long adventure to escape the city during your trip in Colorado.

West Arts Creative District

Colorado is known for having a passion for the arts, and the City of Lakewood is no different. The West Arts Creative District in the historic West Colfax Corridor will inspire you to get creative with their multiple music venues, art galleries, street art pieces, live shows, and fine eateries.

Bandimere Speedway

What’s more fun than a drag race? Well, hardly anything. Only 15 minutes outside of town lies Bandimere Speedway, Lakewood’s own raceway that always has a major event happening. The quarter-mile drag races will provide plenty of excitement for the whole family as your fun day comes to an end.

Brewing Companies

Lakewood is home to the Great Frontier Brewing Company and CAUTION: Brewing Company. Both are home to original tastes that include crazy flavors and gluten free beer. Feel free to go into each and try different beer samples; the staff are extremely welcoming!

Lakewood is a charming suburbia will over 100 hundred parks and plenty of shops. And remember, If your windshield cracks or breaks as you’re making your way to Bear Creek Lake, be sure to call Mr. Glassworks. You’ll be back on the road in no time with our reliable and friendly auto glass service.

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