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In 1953, Thornton was only farmland. But in only one year, it had grown to a population to over 5,000 and became a thriving community. Today, Thornton, located in the Denver-metro area, is home to just over 100,000 people. Read more below to see a few things we at Mr. Glassworks like to do in Thornton, Colorado—when we’re not helping our customers with windshield replacement, of course!

Denver Art Museum

Get ready to experience over 70,000 works of art. The museum primarily displays exhibitions revolving around innovation. Past exhibitions include Her Paris, which displays art by women in Paris during 1850-1900, and Past the Tangled Present, where you can “step into a different world where the paintings on the wall flow into 3-D objects.” You definitely need to check out the fun here when you visit Thornton!

Leopold Brothers

The Leopold Brothers is a distillery that offers tours to take guests through the processes of malting, fermenting, distilling, aging, and more. Their founder, Todd Leopold, apprenticed at several breweries throughout Europe before finally settling in Thornton (his home city) to open his own.

In addition to tours, Leopold Brothers also appears in many events throughout the state to give back to the community.

Mid-Air Adventures

Fun for the whole family! Mid-Air Adventures offers ziplines, giant swings, rope courses, bridges, rock-climbing walls, slides, and a toddler area. It’s a 12,000-square foot facility that welcomes both events and drop-ins, provided you call ahead of time to make a reservation. For just $17.00 per guest, you can take the family for an afternoon of fun!

Thornton, a small suburbia with plenty to do! And remember to call Mr. Glassworks in case if you experience any damage to your windshield. We’ll have you back on your way to the Denver Art Museum in no time!

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