The Future of Car Production: Divergent 3D

Divergent 3D, an automotive 3D-printing company based in California, has recently caught headlines for their new product titled “Blade.” It’s the first supercar to be made entirely from 3D printed parts.

Check out the following video from Divergent that displays how the car was assembled:

While still only in prototype, the model has 700 horsepower and weighs only 1,400 pounds. It has a slim design with two seats and a single door. As said by their CEO, Kevin Czinger, Divergent’s design was fueled by the desire to “find some unique structure that reflected art, and technology, and nature, and parts of lots of different cars that I loved.”

Czinger aims to change car manufacturing from the traditional model to one that is more efficient, eco-friendly, and safer.

Positive outlooks, such as this one from Raphael Orlove of Jalopnikshow the belief in a bright future for car manufacturing. He explains that Divergent’s strength comes from “3D-printing their whole cars out of metal. Aluminum and titanium frames, crash structures, suspension assemblies, the whole lot…[they] build the car with metal powder fused by lasers. There are no steps or clunky chunks in the design as each piece is all kind of a single gigantic weld.”

Orlove quotes Czinger vision as “a world where there are many more car designers, easily computer-modeling whole front ends for cars and sending the data to be materialized at a local factory.” Divergent aims to free up the production process. One not limited by metal, time, long assembly lines. One free to produce innovative vehicles that are faster, greener, and lighter.

Orlove wraps up this thoughts with this statement: “Unlike half the [stuff] I saw at CES, I desperately want to see this vision of the future come real.”

Well, we at Mr.Glassworks are interested to see how this plan unfolds. It has the potential to completely change the automotive industry—all thanks to 3D printing technology. We’re guessing that it might take more than a few hours to get OEM glass for this car!

Want to learn more? Watch Kevin Czinger talk about the Divergent Blade as he is interviewed by the Wall Street Journal:

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